It’s Green

The Registry

Choosing to adapt a historic, structurally-sound building, rather than tear it down, is the first major principle of green construction. Designed to meet many of the LEED Certified standards, the Registry building and site contain a multitude of sustainable materials, products and design strategies. The site is located close to public transportation, highly walkable and near many community amenities. The site itself will have drought-tolerant plantings and landscaping. Beneath the parking lot is a new storm-water retention system, which, along with roof drains on the building, helps minimize surface runoff into Plymouth storm drains.


99% of the building’s existing brick and timber structure is being restored and reused. New Marvin vinyl windows, Low-E coated, with Argon sealed and insulated glass, have been installed throughout. The windows and the interior lighting choices will make this building over 9% more energy efficient than the baseline standard for new buildings. In addition, 10% of the newly-installed materials are recycled, and 10% of the new materials in the project are produced regionally. Low-VOC finishes, paints, and sealants will be used. Additionally, during construction, 85% of demolition material and construction debris will be diverted from landfills, sorted and recycled.